Welcome to Bufinjer Music.

My goal is to keep you entertained with music that is rich and full of life. My music will hopefully take you on a journey and keep you wanting more.

I will be adding new music as often as I can, so please keep checking back, and tell your friends to listen!

Check out my newest release and featured song below. Also watch my newest video below, or go to the music and video pages for all the songs and videos.

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I have just launched a new website with a fellow artist and friend.

The site is called Connect4Artists.

It is designed for artists by artists.

It's purpose is to build a community of artists to help eachother with information.

The site will offer info, tips, questions and answers, reviews, and promotion.

Please check it out, and signup.


Now also part of a new website for electronic musicians offering promotion and 24/7 web radio play.

Click pic below to visit the site.

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