I am Bufinjer, a Buffalo, NY native, who makes electronic music.

I don't define myself as a specific genre.

I like all kinds of music, and have many types of musical influences.

Electronica, Dubstep, and Drum and Bass are the main styles I create. But I also make ambient, experimental, and rock.

I like making music that takes you on a journey using layers of sounds and beats.

Music was not big in the family, actually, no one in my family is musical at all.

I loved drums, and asked for a set when I was very young.

I finally got a set one Christmas, but unfortunately they didn't last long.

I ended up destroying them in a few weeks. My parents were not happy. And that was the end of my drumming days.

I used to do a lot of writing when I was a teenager. I wrote songs and poetry.

I even had one of my poems published in a national poetry compilation.

Writing eventually turned to an interest in music. I loved rock, and had some friends in bands that I would support.

I had one of my friends turn a set of my lyrics into a song, and recorded it.

It blew me away to hear my words put to music, and I was hooked.

Unfortunately that tape was lost.

Electronic music was introduced to me in 1995 when I started going to clubs after moving to Texas.

I was immediately taken to that style of music, with the big beats, deep bass, and catchy synths.

It has been an interest of mine ever since. And my favorite music to listen to.

I actually saw a late night commercial talking about computer software that you can use to make music.

I've always liked being creative with computers, and making websites, so I figured I'd give it a try.

I got my first copy of Sony Acid software in 1999, and I have been making music ever since.

I am always inspired by all types of music. In the early years it was groups like The Chemical Brothers,

The Crystal Method, and The Prodigy.

Lately I am inspired by electronic artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Bassnectar, and rock bands like Foo Fighters, Korn, Hollywood Undead, and Imagine Dragons.

My biggest achievement to this point is having my album "Synical" released independently through Music Kickup Records to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer MixRadio, Rdio, and Xbox Radio. I've also re-released "Synical" on WEATNU Records through Band Camp.

My online music presence is relatively recent. I've only been seriously making new music and showing it off to the public for about two years. Aside from winning 1st place in the world charts on beat100, I also have had some other success. My song Synical was selected to two national mix compilations from Coast2Coastmixtapes.com. I have been featured as Song of the Day, twice, on StandingOProject.com. And I have been a Featured Artist two months in a row on MuzicNotez.com's December and January online magazine publication.

My goal is to keep listeners entertained with music that is rich and full of life.

My music will hopefully take you on a journey and keep you wanting more.


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